About Us

Transforming RNA science into healthy expression

Our Story

Translate Bio is the amalgamation of two passionate teams of scientists with one shared mission: to transform RNA science into revolutionary medicines.

Our story begins in a lab in 2008 in Lexington, Mass, where a skilled group of researchers was developing a technology to test whether messenger RNA could be used to treat a wide range of diseases.

Fast forward to 2011, when a small Cambridge, Mass, biotech company called RaNA Therapeutics was founded to discover and develop methods of treating genetic disease by modulating the actions of long non-coding RNA.

In 2017, these two groups joined together to form Translate Bio. Representing a decade of RNA expertise and know-how, we are now a leading RNA therapeutics company using the body’s own machinery to produce proteins and transformative medicines to combat disease from within.

Outside the Lab

In addition to our commitment to transform RNA science into therapies, we are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of people affected by disease. To learn more about ways we can partner,
contact us.

Meet Our Team

RNA pioneers with unparalleled expertise