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Our Strategy

Translate Bio’s MRTTM platform has the potential to change the lives of people living with debilitating diseases caused by protein or gene dysfunction. mRNA therapeutics may also prevent infectious diseases by generating protective immunity.

Our goal is to continue building a leading, global mRNA therapeutics company that capitalizes on our extensive experience with proprietary mRNA product development, delivery, manufacturing and process development. We are primarily focused on applying our MRTTM platform to pulmonary diseases caused by insufficient protein production or where production of proteins can modify disease. In the area of cystic fibrosis, we have a clinical-stage product candidate, MRT5005, and a next-generation CF discovery program that we are advancing toward investigational new drug (IND)-enabling studies. Additional pulmonary diseases are being evaluated in discovery-stage research programs that utilize a proprietary lung delivery platform.

We also believe our technology may apply to a broad range of diseases, including diseases that affect the liver. Additionally, our platform may be applied to various classes of treatments, such as therapeutic antibodies or vaccines in areas such as oncology.

We plan to leverage the broad applicability of our MRTTM platform by developing additional MRTTM product candidates for our own pipeline. Specifically, we intend to:

  • Maintain focus on genetic diseases of the lungs utilizing our platform to rapidly develop new product candidates;
  • Develop product candidates that address diseases with high unmet medical need; and
  • Leverage our collaboration with Sanofi Pasteur to develop mRNA vaccines for various infectious diseases including a novel mRNA COVID-19 vaccine.

Our Partners

Translate Bio and Sanofi Pasteur Infectious Disease Collaboration

June 2018: Initial Sanofi Pasteur collaboration and exclusive licensing agreement to develop mRNA vaccines for up to five infectious disease pathogens.

March 2020: Amended Sanofi Pasteur collaboration agreement to include a novel mRNA COVID-19 vaccine.

June 2020: Expanded Sanofi Pasteur collaboration agreement to include mRNA vaccines for all infectious diseases.

This collaboration brings together Sanofi Pasteur’s vaccine expertise and Translate Bio’s mRNA research and development platform.

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