The Magic Line: A Virtual Campaign to Conquer the Final CF Summit

December 29, 2020

At Translate Bio, bringing the patient voice and experience into our daily work is of critical importance to us.  This month, we are very proud to sponsor and support “The Magic Line,” a month-long campaign organized by Emily’s Entourage.

Emily joined the Translate Bio team over Zoom earlier this month to share the campaign video.

“The Magic Line” theme is inspired by a route to the top of K2, the last of the most elite, 8,000+ meter mountains to be summited in the winter. It is a metaphor for EE’s urgent mission to speed breakthroughs and a cure for the final 10% of the CF community without targeted therapies—the final summit of CF.

“There are revolutionary new treatments available for 90% of the CF population. Unfortunately, those with rare nonsense mutations of CF fall in the outlying 10% that do not benefit from these new treatments. At Emily’s Entourage, we believe that everyone with CF deserves realistic hope for a future and for a deep breath. That’s why we are laser focused on speeding life-saving breakthroughs and a cure for the final 10% of the CF community, so nobody is left behind,” says EE Co-Founder, Emily Kramer-Golinkoff.

The month-long “The Magic Line” campaign features curated content and immersive video storytelling, peer-to-peer engagement, and an online auction with one-of-a-kind experiences. It culminates on January 12, 2021 with a birthday party and gratitude event to celebrate Emily’s 36th birthday and express gratitude to the Entourage for its campaign support.

We are so proud to support “The Magic Line” to support EE’s mission to speed breakthroughs and a cure for the final 10% of the CF community without targeted therapies. Watch the powerful campaign video here.

To learn more and join the expedition, visit The Magic Line campaign page.

About Emily’s Entourage

Emily’s Entourage is an innovative 501(c)3 foundation that accelerates research for new treatments and a cure for nonsense mutations of Cystic Fibrosis (CF), a fatal genetic disease primarily affecting the lungs and digestive system. Since 2011, Emily’s Entourage (EE) has awarded millions of dollars in research grants, launched a CF gene therapy company recently acquired by a large pharmaceutical company, and led worldwide efforts to drive high-impact research and drug development. The organization has been featured in national media, including The New York Times, STAT, CNN, People and more.